Art Talk at Brocki Zug with Leila


on focus

Pollock & Rothko

Tuesday, December 5th at 7:30 pm

at Brocki Zug, Industriestrasse 80, 6300 Zug (recycling center/Ökihof Zug)
sign up by December 1st at or phone 041 725 62 90
number of participants is limited
admission is free, but a collection will be taken
drinks are available


Jackson Pollock

Mark Rothko


After World War II, New York city became the new capital of art and a unique American avant-garde movement was born: the New York School. Our first »Art talk Brocki Zug« will focus on Pollock and Rothko, the yin and yang of this incredible art movement. We will learn about that period and the story behind the creations of the two most famous artists in American history.

About Leila:

Having studied ancient languages and archeology and having worked in both Europe and New York, Leila Mebert has combined that knowledge with her passion for art to bring a multilayered perspective to the history of art. Participants in her art evenings are invited to embrace, understand and love art in a simple, direct, engaging and sometimes cynical way.

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Tuesday, December 5th at 7:30 pm at Brocki Zug